Virtual office in Białystok - Warszawska 6

Discover our virtual office at Warszawska 6 Street, located in the city center of Białystok. We offer the possibility of registering your company at our address, the service of picking up your mail and extensive secretarial services. Virtual address can be yours within 10 minutes, without leaving your home.

Virtual office – packages and price list

Holiday promotion -30% off Valid only from July 1 to August 31, 2024 for newly launched companies in JDG and Company packages when paying for 6 or 12 months in advance.
  • Address for company registration in Białystok
  • Receipt of mail
  • Scanning of mail
  • Notification about mail
  • Forwarding mail
  • Collection and storage of parcels
  • Free meeting room
  • Meeting room rental
  • Mailing address for partners or employees
  • Possibility of renting a permanent place to work (coworking)
  • Plan Unregistered
  • regular and registered mail
  • e-mail
  • Monthly payment with
    12 months advance payment
    34,90 PLN net / month  

    Monthly payment with
    6 months advance payment
    42 PLN net / month  

  • Plan Sole trader
  • regular and registered mail
  • e-mail + sms up to 24 hours
    or up to 10 000 PLN compensation
  • once a month by courier
  • up to 48 hours
  • 1 hour / month
  • 50 PLN net / hour
  • additional fee
  • Monthly payment with
    12 months advance payment
    129 90,30 PLN net / month +2 extra months
    for 1 PLN for new customers

    Monthly payment with
    6 months advance payment
    159 111,30 PLN net / month +1 extra month
    for 1 PLN for new customers

    Month to month payment 199 PLN net / month Order
  • Plan Company
  • regular and registered mail
  • e-mail + sms up to 24 hours
    or up to 10 000 PLN compensation
  • twice a month by courier
  • up to 7 days
  • 2 hours / month
  • 40 PLN net / hour
  • 3 persons
  • 650 PLN net / month
  • Monthly payment with
    12 months in advance
    149 104,30 PLN net / month +2 extra months
    for 1 PLN for new customers

    Monthly payment with
    6 months in advance
    179 125,30 PLN net / month +1 extra month
    for 1 PLN for new customers

    Month to month payment 219 PLN net / month Order

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Concierge services – available only in "Company" package

Assistance in setting up and changes in limited liability company via S24 system - 400 PLN net Draft resolutions for the shareholders’ or board meetings - 200 PLN net / package for a given meeting Positioning of the company’s business card on Google Maps - 350 PLN net / month

Your virtual address in Bialystok - sign a contract in 10 minutes

Virtual office agreement is concluded online. Once we have received all required data, we will guide you through online signature process. In just 10 minutes, without leaving your home, you can register virtual address for your company.

Why should you use our virtual office?

We have been providing office outsourcing service, commonly known as virtual office service, since 2013 and during this time we have already worked with hundreds of companies. We fully understand the needs of our customers and constantly improve to meet their expectations. We focus on proven procedures, repetition, quality and full professionalism of operations, so we can provide each entrepreneur with full comfort and security. Virtual Office Warszawska 6 is a modern solution for entrepreneurs who appreciate the prestige and convenience of doing business in the center of Białystok. Located in the dynamically developing heart of the city, it offers not only an address for company registration, but also a range of services to support daily business activities. We guarantee a professional correspondence service - all letters, including registered letters, are received and scanned daily and the information about each correspondence is provided at an express pace. Virtual Office Warszawska 6 is also a place offering additional facilities for companies. Here you can rent a conference room, take advantage of private serviced offices, coworking and a comprehensive package of secretarial services. This allows entrepreneurs to focus on developing their business, confident that their office affairs are in good hands. In addition, the offer also includes business mentoring advice, assistance with company incorporation via S24 system and KRS (National Court Register) changes, which is especially valuable for those who are taking their first steps in the market or looking for support in developing their business. Virtual Office Warszawska 6 is also a response to the needs of family businesses, which can benefit from the services of registering and conducting holdings in the form of limited liability companies. It's a place that combines tradition with modernity, offering proven digital solutions that simplify business management in today's fast-changing business world. This allows every customer to feel special and be confident that their company is in the best hands. Virtual Office Warszawska 6 is synonymous with trust, professionalism and innovation, which are key to business success. Check us out and see how convenient, simple and peaceful running a business can be!

What benefits do you get by working with Warszawska 6 virtual office?

  • a recognizable address - our virtual office is located in the very center of the city, there are many other companies and public services nerby and we also have a very good transport connection,
  • cost optimization - by using the services of a virtual office you can save a lot every month - rent of premises, cleaning, maintenance of the secretariat - these are just a few examples of costs which in return you could allocate to further development of your business,
  • high quality services - we have many years of experience in running a virtual office, thanks to detailed procedures we can easily provide high quality services,
  • meeting room - we provide our clients with a meeting room where they can conduct a recruitment interview, video conversation or meet with a client
  • comprehensiveness of services - in our virtual office we also provide the service of establishing companies in S24 system, online accounting, insurance and business mentoring,
  • digitalization of services - a contract is signed online, without leaving home, all communication is done remotely and our clients have an access to their correspondence at any time.

For whom is the virtual office service recommended?

A virtual office is a beneficial solution for those who do not need expensive premises to run their business or do not want to give their personal residence as a business address. We know from experience that the virtual address service is used by a wide variety of clients, such as:
  • newly registered limited liability companies,
  • international transport carriers,
  • IT specialists and developers,
  • graphic designers,
  • copywriters,
  • lawyers,
  • consultants,
  • employment agencies.

Competent offices in Białystok

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Our virtual offices

Check our virtual office offer in Warsaw: Virtual Office Warsaw Złota 75A - Biznes Hub - Złota 75A/7, 00-819 Warsaw.

Please note that the Unregistered Package is available only for individuals not running business activity and for those running so-called non-registered activity in accordance with Article 5 of the Law of Entrepreneurs.

Additional fee for not picking up a correspondence sent via courier to the address specified by the customer amounts to 26 PLN net.

Additional fee for re-sending correspondence via courier in the same month to the address specified by the customer amounts to 26 PLN net.

Additional fee for storage of the parcel beyond the limit specified in the package (48 hours in the JDG Package and 7 days in the Company Package) amounts to 5 PLN net per day.

The prices are net prices.

The fee for non-contractual registration of the business activity at the address Warszawska 6 lok. 32, 15-063 Białystok and using it as your company address amounts to 5000 PLN net.